Goodwood – N1 Stad winkelsentrum


N1 Stad-winkelsentrum


Die stuk grond waar die nuwe N1 Stad winkelkompleks opgerig gaan word. Foto is geneem, ongeveer 1990.

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Goodwood – Interessante Berigte vanaf 1939


Nazi’s in Cape Town?


1939 – There is a Nazi airplain in Cape Town? What’s going on here? I couldn’t believe what I saw. This extraordinary photo appeared in the book Wingfield, by Gerry de Vries, published in 1991.

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Goodwood – Showgrounds/Skougronde


1954 – The Cape’s First Show at Goodwood


Here you can see some of the open-air industrial exhibits and commercial stalls, as viewed from the grandstand. The tractor bus used by visitors to comfortably view the whole of the vast grounds is also visible. (The Cape Times Weekend Magazine, 3 April 1954)

Jets flyover causes mayhem

During the biggest parade of cattle ever witnessed in the Cape Peninsula, four Vampire jet planes screamed low over the arena during an exhibition flight. Many prize beasts almost stampeded and some children burst into tears, fearing the worst. (The Cape Times, 1 April 1954)

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