Bellville – USA hamburger chain, McDonald’s open in Bellville – 1995

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McDonald’s is here! Long live McDonald’s! The international fast-food chain had a three-day party before opening its doors for the very first time on Western Cape soil. The local public has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the fast-food giant. Now they are finally here. The first ever McBurger was served up at the first ever McDonald’s fast food restaurant to open in the Western Cape at the brandnew Tyger Manor shopping centre just across from the Tyger Valley Mall in Bellville. (Weekend Argus, 18/19 November 1995)

Taking a bite out of a BigMac in McBellville


McDonald’s will open their Bellville doors tomorrow, only days after the first-ever McDonald’s in South Africa opened its doors last Saturday in Gauteng. When McDonald’s say fast food, they don’t beat around the bush. Each till has a stopwatch ensuring service is completed within a mere 60 seconds.
(Only time will tell whether this type of unbelievable service will continue into the future. Well, people, time has told.)
(Cape Times, 17 November 1995)

Traffic chaos at McDonald’s continues


The traffic congestion leading towards and from the new Tyger Manor shopping centre, which houses South Africa’s second-ever McDonald’s has yet to recede, following the opening of the new fast food restaurant some two weeks ago. Madness reigns, as motorists battle traffic for hours to get a taste of the new McBurgers being sold for a mere 99c at the American restaurant. Will this madness ever end? With traffic problems escalating by the day and no respite yet in sight, shops in the same centre are losing out, as their clients are unable to reach their stores. They are not making any sales, as prospective clients simply go elsewhere, to avoid the insane traffic caused by the new McDonald’s restaurant and its 99c burgers. (Tyger Burger, 28 November 1995)


Ek onthou die opening baie goed. Ek het daai middag nog ‘n videomasjien en drie video’s gehuur by die videowinkel wat net vier winkels weg was van die nuwe McDonald’s. Van 12de laan in Boston tot by Tyger Manor se McDonald’s het dit my twee en ‘n half ure geneem. Dit was hel! Die karre in Durbanweg het net nie beweeg nie. Teen die tyd dat ek by die videowinkel uitgekom het, het die eienaar klaar die videomasjien en ons video’s uitgehuur – weens ‘n verdomde verkeersopeenhoping!
Ek was só honger en goed de moer in, dat ek onmiddellik een van daai McDonald’s-burgers wou probeer, maar daar was ongelukkig iets soos 1 000 mense voor die deur.